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Topica’s Online Marketing & Sales Solution

The #1 Solution to Grow Your Customer Base and Sell More Online

If your goal is to find more qualified leads and turn them into loyal customers, Topica is right for you. We offer an easy and affordable, yet highly effective Online Marketing and Sales Solution that includes a hosted application along with custom services. Use our powerful application to manage your customer database, collect new prospects from your Web site, learn about their preferences and behaviors, and use relevant email communications to turn more prospects into loyal customers and sell more online. Choosing from our custom services you can exactly match your needs.

On a Budget?
Enterprise-Level Technology for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

If your budget and IT resources are limited, you will find Topica’s solution to be a perfect match. Our state-of-the-art technology is available to you as a hosted service, making it accessible from any computer, anywhere, at any time. There is no need to download, install and maintain complex software. Instead, your dedicated Topica Operations team ensures it’s up and running at all times, and takes care of system upgrades, maintenance and support. Topica provides safe and secure data hosting and operates one of the fastest, most reliable and most scalable technology platforms in the industry. Your data will be safe with us, no matter how big your customer base grows.

Need an Open Ear?
World-Class Customer Success Team Ready to Assist

In case you need help managing your database, analyzing your data and creating email campaigns, Topica’s Customer Success team is here to help. We offer free online resources, training and support to ensure you get off to a good start and quickly see your prospect database and your sales grow. We’re also committed to keep you up to date on the latest features and trends with our monthly newsletter “Topica Insider” and with updates posted on the “What’s New” page within the application. You can reach our much-praised Customer Success team via email, and also choose to add phone support or dedicated management to your account. Either way, you can be sure to be in helpful and responsive hands.
Spending Money on Paid Search?
Make the Most of Your Current Investment

If your marketing dollars go to Google and Yahoo! to drive potential customers to your site, you may have noticed that only a handful of those clicks you pay for actually purchase from you. The vast majority, about 97% on industry average, will come, leave without buying and never return. Imagine how much more you could get out of your marketing spend if you turned more of that traffic into paying customers. And this is where Topica comes in. Our solution lets you collect prospects from your traffic, learn about their preferences and behaviors, and present them with relevant offers they will eventually not be able to say no to. All that with an application that has the cutting-edge features and functions you would expect from an industry leader, and the ease of use that gets you going the day you sign up. So, if you spend money driving traffic, Topica will turn it into sales.
Keeping on Top?
Proven Leadership in Online Marketing and Sales Solutions

If you want to trust your online marketing and sales success to a company that has proven itself in the industry, and will continue to deliver the highest standards of technical and service capabilities, choose Topica. Founded in 1998 and currently serving thousands of both B2B and B2C businesses, Topica’s commitment to provide leading technologies and superior services at affordable pricing is still the same. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied: If you use Topica and are not fully satisfied during the first month of use, we will give you your money back.* Guaranteed.


* Money-back guarantee applies to purchases of the application and its additional features. This does not apply to prospect purchases.